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Upgrade or Install ESET Security

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ESET Security provides all the protection you need on a computer !!

  • Antivirus, Antispyware and Anti-Phishing
  • Microphone & Webcam Protection NEW
  • Script-Based Attack Protection NEW
  • Home Network Protection NEW
  • Personal Firewall
  • Antispam
  • Parental Control
  • Social Media Scanner
  • Exploit Blocker
  • Advanced Memory Scanner
  • Network Attack Protection
  • Banking and Payment Protection
  • Device Control
  • Botnet Protection
  • Anti-Theft
  • *ESET Password Manager
  • *ESET Secure Data
* ESET Smart Security Premium

Download the latest Antivirus software

Whether Upgrading or Installing for the first time, download the latest ESET Security Software to your computer

If you are upgrading - check which security you already have

  1. Look for an icon in your system tray – (bottom right of your screen).
    Your Antivirus Icon may not be immediately shown in the System Tray in which case you might have to click the little up arrow ("Show hidden icons") on the left of all the icons to reveal more icons.
  2. Hover your mouse over the ESET icon to reveal the name of the antivirus and the version number.
  3. Now look up which is the latest version online.
  4. You can upgrade within the ESET software if the version number is the same. Otherwise download your product from one of the downloadf locations below and install as normal.
Download Locations
  • ESET Internet Security (Replaces ESET Smart Security) - Download
  • ESET Smart Security PremiumDownload

Upgrade your ESET Security

ESET offer their latest Security Software free of charge (you only pay for the subscription).

If your product has the same primary version number then you can Upgrade your Software from within the ESET Program Software. If your current ESET Security has an earlier primary version number to the number of the latest version, then you will have to uninstall it first. Please see the section below "Install your ESET Security". The primary version number is the very first digit in the version number.

  1. Open ESET Security (Click on the ESET system try icon, or right click on it and select Open ESET ...)
  2. Click Update (in the Task Pane on the left side)
  3. At the bottom right click Check for updates
  4. Follow any given instructions, if nothing happens then the product is already up to date.
This would then conclude your your upgrade.

Install your ESET Security

If you are installing ESET Security for the first time or you are upgrading from a previous version of ESET Smart Security then please follow these instructions.

Download the latest Version of ESET Security: See the Download section above
  • Save the file to your Downloads folder or to a location that you can easily find later using File Explorer.
  • Ensure you have your ESET Security Licence Key to hand so that you will be able to activate ESET Security when the installation is complete.
Uninstall all currently installed security software
  • In Settings, Apps, look through the list of all installed Apps and identify any software that is related to antivirus, antispam or firewall software. Click on each and select Uninstall to uninstall all security related software on your computer.
  • After all the uninstalls are completed you may have to restart your computer. If instructed, please do this now.
In some cases an antivirus program may be stubborn and difficult to remove using the conventional uninstall procedure using the Windows Control Panel. If this is the case please visit the ESET website for Uninstaller Software (Removal Tools) for common antivirus software.

  1. Find the ESET Security installation file at the location where you downloaded it earlier and double click the file (or right click and select Install).
  2. During the installation, activate ESET Security with your Licence Key.
  3. Follow the installation instructions. (Recommended: Allow detection of Unwanted Applications)

ESET AntiTheft

The ESET AntiTheft Module enables you to locate your computer, and take snapshot evidence of both the screen and the current user (if the computer has a camera).
I recommend that this is set up, particularly if you use a portable computer (laptop, netbook, ultrabook or tablet).
How to enable and setup ESET AntiTheft
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We will supply install and setup your security to your requirements. You can purchase on-line here.

Want help with any of the Above?

For £25 per computer we can remotely upgrade you to the latest version of ESET Security, setup the Anti-Theft module AND at the same time we will also give your computer a quick health check. Let us know...

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