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WD My Book Live and Microsoft Documents

Accessing Office files straight from the MyBookLive (MBL) device when in remote (from
When you get to the point of opening a Microsoft Office document you will be issued with a Windows Security box and prompted for a Windows Credential

First things first: the issue is known to WD, and it is explained here: .

The issue therefore is the second layer of authentication on part of Windows. To solve the problem one needs to create a user name and corresponding password for Windows authentication. In order to do so:
1 - activate SSH access: on a browser write the address http://<MBL.IP.address>/UI/ssh and on the page activate SSH.
(Put a tick in the SSH Acess box)
Note the username: root and Password: welc0me
2 - download Putty
Use it to access the device system. To enter write "mybooklive" or IP address of the device in the Host Name (or IP address) block, Click Open at the bottom. Log-in as "root" and write "welc0me" (that's a zero) as password.
3 - to create a new user/password for authentication in Windows, write (after the prompt #)
# nano /etc/nas/apache2/auth/htgroup
and add a "user_name" (without the quotes) after the word "admin" on the top line.
E.G. admin: michael
To save press Control + X and then save.
4 - Once back to the prompt #, enter the following command line:
# htdigest /etc/nas/apache2/auth/htpasswd 'DeviceUser' "user_name" (this user name is going to be the password for your user name to access authentication in windows)
E.G. htdigest /etc/nas/apache2/auth/htpasswd 'DeviceUser' mypassword
and press Enter
(The password will be mypassword)
5 - you will be asked to enter the password twice (this is for encryption purposes)
6 - there you go! You now should now be able to remotely open any Office file directly from wd2go by entering the word you used as user name and password in the authentication dialogbox.

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