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Secure your Android Device

The Security of your phone or tablet is crucial as all your information can be accessible, especially any information on the SD Card or built-in memory.
However your phone can also be a life saver in an accident. Either way you need to make your phone secure.

Mobile phone users can Locate, Ring, Lock and Erase your phone or tablet.

For a Microsoft Windows Mobile please see here:
You would want to make sure of 3 things:
  1. LOSS of phone - you would want the person picking it up to be able to contact you
  2. ACCIDENT - you would want to provide the authorities of your emergency details
  3. THEFT of phone - you would want to LOCK or WIPE the device.
You need to set-up 2 things:
  1. Set-up a Lock Screen with providing just the relevant information
  2. Use the built in Android Security Feature
Lock Screen
Put yourself in these situations...
  1. Your own Phone: You are out cycling and a car hits you, you are unconscious and the medical services arrive. You don't arrive home in time to your partner and children and everyone starts to worry. Wouldn't it be great if your emergency contact details were accessible directly from the phone's lockscreen.
  2. Somebody else's Phone: You find a phone lying on the ground, on a seat or on the floor in a bus or train. You pick it up and feel for the person who lost it. Wouldn't it be great to turn it on and see the owner's contact information.
You can either tape your contact information onto the phone casing somewhere or, better still, put it somewhere on the LockScreen.
Take a look at the pictures below:
1. The LockScreen - this is what is displayed when the phone is switched on

Lock ScreenUnlocking Action

2. ICE (In Case of Emergency) - this is what is displayed when the ICE app is opened

ICE Contact ListICE Emergency Medical Information

Use your device's LockScreen to display your contact information and a link to your emergency information.
If your device does not come with a suitable LockScreen feature then find one from the many LockScreen Apps in the Android Market.
Recommended Applications:
  1. Widget Locker Lockscreen
  2. ICE
The Built-In Android Security Feature
There is a built-in feature on all Android devices which enable you to do FOUR things:
  1. Geo-Locate the device
  2. Ring the device
  3. Lock the Device
  4. Wipe the Device
You may wish to use one of the above with your Android Device (Mobile Phone or Tablet) for a number of reasons:
  • It has been misplaced/ lost
  • Locate your spouse or child
  • Take a security precaution
  • Remove your sensitive data if you think it has been stolen
All these features are NOT enabled by default. However, you would still be able to log into the Device Manager Account on the Internet and remotely locate and remotely ring the device.

I strongly recommend that every Android device user uses this added feature for all their devices as a precaution.
This article will describe how to go about this process.
Firstly you need to have each device to hand in order to access the settings on that device, and secondly I recommend you use any computer or tablet to perform the settings on the web site.
Setup the Android Device
Register each of your devices with Android Device Manager

On your Android phone
  • Tap the Menu Button and then Settings, or select Settings within the App drawer.
  • Select Location and Security
  • Under Device administration, select Select device administrators
  • Place a tick or select Android Device Manager (allow Android Device Manager to lock or erase a lost device), and confirm to activate.
SettingsDevice AdminSelect ADMActivate
Some phones may have a different way of setting this up e.g.
Google Settings, Android Device Manager and tick the boxes: Remotely locate this device, Allow remote lock and factory reset.
On your Android tablet
  • Tap the Clock in the bottom right corner then select the Settings icon, or select Settings within the App drawer.
  • Under PERSONAL, select Security
  • Under the DEVICE ADMINISTRATION section, select Device administrators
  • Place a tick or select Android Device Manager (allow Android Device Manager to lock or erase a lost device), and confirm to activate.

Android Device Manager

Your Device Manager Account on the Internet
Using a computer open the following Web Page
If you are already signed in then there is no further work to do.
If you are not signed in (you will be taken to ), please sign in with your Google Account Email and Password.
You should then be taken back to the following page:

The Android Device Manager Page will show your registered device. If there is a drop arrow to the right, when clicked will list any of your other devices registered in the section above.

On this page you will see a Google Map showing location of the device. If the device is currently not connected to the internet via either its Data or WiFi connection then the Android Device Manager will not be able to locate the device or perform any of the following tasks:
  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase
Phone Web PageTablet Web Page
However, if it is connected you will be able to see the location (usually accurate to within 20 meters) as well as Ring, Lock or Erase the device.
More information on these functions:
If you select to Ring the device it will trigger a ringing on your device at maximum volume for a length of 5 minutes. To stop the ringing simply press the Power button on your device.
If you select Lock, you will be prompted to enter a password with a confirmation (repeat the password twice). This will send the lock password to your device and override your current security settings, whether you had a lock feature on your device or not. If this worked a notice on the page will display "We successfully reset your password and locked your device".
You must remember the password you entered as you must use this to unlock your device should you recover it. None of your data will be erased. If you have a removable micro SD card then the data on that card would still be accessible if used on another device or connected to a computer.
Should you then find your device and turn it on, you will immediately be required to enter the password you setup earlier.
Erase is the most drastic measure you can use. If you are sure that you device is actually stolen, then this is the option to use even after you took the less drastic option of the Lock feature. Both your device AND any SD card storage it may have will be remotely wiped (Google does not guarantee the erasing of the SD card). You will then get an email notification confirming WHERE and WHEN the device was wiped. After this operation is performed the device can no longer be tracked as it will have been reset and your account on the device will have been removed.
If you device is switched off or is not internet connected, then any of the above will occur the moment it is connected again.
This video may help:
You Tube Video
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